Equipment rental

For independent travellers visiting Rovanimi, I can rent the equipment necessary to perform certain activities by yourself, both in the winter and summer. For the winter months, I can also rent warm clothing.

Winter clothing

During the winter in Lapland, the temperature can range from 0°C to -30°C in the space of a few days. For the coldest days, it is important to right clothing to protect you from the cold.

Are you not sure that you are sufficiently equipped to handle the cold, or do you want to considerably lower the weight of your luggage? I can provide clothing for the cold in Rovaniemi. The clothing package includes overall, boots and socks, gloves and a war cap. Also, you can get single use heat packs for your hands and feet. You can keep the clothing for your entire stay, or just for specific occasions, whichever you prefer.

Prices: €25 per day, 90€ per week

Rent winter clothes in Rovaniemi

Snowshoes and walking sticks

Snowshoes and walking sticks to hike on the trails and forests around Rovaniemi.

Snowshoe type: TSL 217 camo (high lift, easy to use and comfortable).

Sizes: 35 > 47

Sticks type: Hiking Alu TSL

Prices: €25€ per day, €90 per week


Summer in Rovaniemi offers very long days as the Sun only goes down for only a few hours (when it does) due to its geographical location. It is the ideal time to explore the city and it surroundings by bike. Rovaniemi and its surroundings have well maintained bike tracks that will allow everyone, including children, to bike safely and enjoy the area. Here are photos of the bicycles that I can rent:

Bike prices: €15€ for 3 hours, €22 for a dayHelmet price: €5€ for a day


Prices: €30 for a day, €185 for a week

Rowing boat

Prices: €55 for a day, €200 for a week

Reserve your equipment in advance!

For any equipment rental request, I recommend that you contact me in advance to be certain that the equipment will be available.

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