Husky sled ride

For a husky sled ride, I have a partnership with two husky breeders near Rovaniemi who arrange the activity.

I can help you organize a visit to the farms by taking care of booking your visit, providing warm clothes, warm drinks and snacks during your stay there, and transporting you to and back from the farm.

Sled dog rides are available from September! For more information, you can ask me in the contact section.


  • Transport from Rovaniemi
  • Warm clothes for the activity
  • Sledding excursions with dogs:
    • 45 minutes (between 6 and 10km depending on weather)
    • 2 hours of sled (between 15 and 22km depending on weather)
    • 3h (adults only)
  • Back to the farm where you will have hot drinks and snacks around the fire
  • You will then have the opportunity to spend time with dogs, take pictures and learn about huskies

Included: Transportation, dog sled ride, farm tour and hot drinks.

Price: According to package and number of people.

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