Northern lights experience

I will take you away from the city, where there is no light pollution. To get there, it is also up to you to choose between a minibus ride or a snowmobile driving experience. The last option will give you more time to enjoy nature and stare at the sky. Once we get to the spot, I will explain  the origin of the aurora borealis and how to predict magnetic activity according to the solar flares. You will have the opportunity to learn, understand and observe this incredible phenomenon visible only in the polar regions.

As the aurora activity can’t be predicted more than few days in advance, it will be possible for you to reschedule your excursions from one day to another to maximize your chance to see Northern Lights. However, since forecasting natural phenoma is not an exact science, seeing Northern Lights can never be guaranteed.

Duration and prices:

Excursion by mini bus: 70€/adult and 35€/children less than 15 years old.

Excursion by snowmobile: 130€/adult and 50€/children less than 15 years old.

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