Lappish handcrafts workshop with locals

I invite you to go meet a family of artisans from Lapland and participate in a workshop where you can make your own memories with local materials.

Getting to the artisans’ workshop

The family we visit lives edge of a forest about fifteen kilometers from Rovaniemi. We will be welcomed in a traditionally built log house and workshop. 

We get there either by minibus or during a snowmobile trip, depending on the program you have chosen.

Lappish culture and art

Irene and Ari combine a personal artistic touch with traditional techniques of working raw materials from Lappish nature.

During your visit to their workshop, they will show you how different materials are used to make a multitude of Lappish handicrafts such as the famous kuksa, clothes, Lapland drums, jewels, and knives.

The materials used in Lapland

A multitude of materials are used to make objects. Reindeer bones, leather and antlers; bark, wool, hides and many more.

Local and original experience

Through this local and original experience, you will learn a lot about the crafts of northern Finland and their history which our hosts tell passionately!

Depending on the workshop in which you participate, you will be able to create your own souvenir :

  • Reindeer leather and silver pewter bracelets,
  • Pendants,
  • Arctic rose,
  • Finnish traditional Christmas decoration,
  • Reindeer leather herb and seed bag.


Depending on the number of people

  • Private transportation from your accommodation to the workshop located on the banks of Ounasjoki River (14km from Rovaniemi),
  • Private program at the workshop and local’s traditional house
  • Homemade berry juice and locals snacks (buns, cheese, cookies).
  • Souvenirs


Between 3h and 3h30 including 30minutes of transportation