Snowshoe hiking

Snow season in Rovaniemi

The season when soils are covered with snow in the Rovaniemi region may extend from early November to early May depending on the year. This opens many opportunities for snowshoe hiking.

Snowshoeing around Rovaniemi

Private snowshoe excursion

For those who love nature and want to enjoy it in a sporty and quiet way, there is an alternative to snowmobiling. I suggest snowshoeing in the snowy forests and frozen rivers. This is one of the best ways to appreciate the landscapes of the region. Indeed, snowshoes provide the opportunity to access places away from roads and snowmobile trails. You will be able to better appreciate the calmness and the beauty of these unique landscapes. Different levels of hikes are possible depending on your physical condition and the age of the participants.


  • 90€ for adults; €50 for children under 14
  • 70€ for students


  • 3 hours