Tailor made programs

In addition to the regular tours offered on this website, I can also create customized programs according to your intersts. I’ll be happy to exchange with you in order to oragnize the experience that suits you the most.

Here are some examples:

Arctic Day – a tour combining several activities of your choice

Nothing like going out all day and having fun without worrying about time. Would you like to ride a snowmobile, but rather than just driving straight for a few hours you would like to be to stop stop by particular places?

No worries! We can arrange an Arctic Day and go on a snowmobile ride to enjoy all that Lapland has to offer in any combination you like: its nature, snowshoeing, grilling, visiting a reindeer farm and ice fishing.

Evening tours around Rovaniemi

It is also possible to combine, a snowmobile ride at the end of the day and a hunt for the northern lights. At the end of the day, we will go by snowmobile to a place away from the city to spend quality time in the countryside. Driving a snowmobile, setting a campfire, some grilling, and with luck we can spot the northern lights to make the evening unforgettable.

More information on night tours.

Multi-day snowmobile tour in Lapland
It is also possible to organize multi-day snowmobe program including activities like Finnish sauna, winter swimming in icy water, and why not even trying some ice fishing. Those multi-day programs can take you around Lapland to visit different places like reindeer farm, small villages and local worshops. It could also also be a unique opportunity to spend few nights in unusual places like an ice hotel, glass igloo or typical wooden cabin.

Any special requests?

If you want to have a unique adventure for a honeymoon or birthday event, feel free to send your ideas and wishes. I will be happy to study your request and help you realize your dream!

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