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Is it possible to rent a snowmobile in Rovaniemi?

In Rovaniemi, many companies are offering guided snowmobile tours to discover the stunning arctic landscapes. But is it a good idea to rent a snowmobile in Rovaniemi to go on your own?

There are plenty of opportunities to go snowmobiling in Lapland and enjoy a guided experience in snowy forests as well as driving on frozen rivers. But is it possible to rent a snowmobile in Rovaniemi without guide and enjoy safely one of the most popular activity around Lapland?

Can you rent snowmobiles in Lapland?

Technichaly yes. It is possible to rent a snowmobile in Rovaniemi. Indeed, you might find local people willing to rent snowmobiles in Rovaniemi (Airbnb hosts, or from local trading websites). However,  for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, there are things you should know before going alone to the arctic wilderness.

What you should know if you rent a snowmobile in Rovaniemi and go without guide

Every year there are snowmobile accidents in Lapland. Rovaniemi city as well as safari companies are committed to provide nice and safe experiences to all of the tourists visiting Rovaniemi and Lapland. So before renting a snowmmobile, you should ask yourself if it is worth it to take risks. Getting lost, stuck or in dangerouse situation is definitly not not the best option.

Here is a list of the things to take into account before renting a snowmobile on your own:

  • Make sure you have subscribed a travel insurance covering this kind of activity,
  • Be prepares for the extreme cold (taking part of a guided safari whith a local company will always include the special clothing and gear. But if you just rent a snowmobile, you’ll have to be already equipped),
  • Know the rules : Regulation and safety guidlines.
  • Make sure you are able to read maps and find your way (also by bad weather conditions),
  • Remember that you can easily get lost,
  • Often, people renting snowmobiles are not located in Rovaniemi and you will a car and trailer to pick them up,
  • Remember that driving on ice is not always safe (local guides know the ice conditions but as a tourist, it is your own responsibility to decide whether you should go on ice or not.
  • In case of accident, no one will call the emergency service for you, make sure you know the emergency protocol.
  • Beginners often fall over in the snow when driving snowmobile for the first time. If you are alone, it is a real risk to get stuck under the snowmobile without anyone to provide assistance.

Why you should consider go snowmobiling with experienced guides

On the other hand, going with an experience guide will provide you the best experience possible:

  • You will be given the right gear for safety and cold (how to dress for a snowmobile safari),
  • You will drive modern and maintained snowmobiles,
  • Using proper equipment and experienced guide will make the experience much safer for you and your children,
  • Experienced guides will always take you to safe terrain (even on ice),
  • Experienced guides will always adapt the driving pace to your level to avoid any incident
  • You will benefit from company assistance in case of incident or problem with the snowmobile,
  • A local guide will show you the most beautiful places around, making your experience unique and memorable,
  • Guides will always tell you about wilderness and Lapland in general.

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