Summer excursion

Wilderness hike

Walk through the expanse of the Lappish forests with our guides to discover must-see sceneries around Rovaniemi.

We offer two programs in the heart of nature: one is perfect for hikers who want to explore the forests and walk down the hiking trails and the other for those who would like to stroll in the forests and would be tempted to berry picking.

  • Wilderness hike
  • Berry picking & cooking

Wilderness hike

Come and discover the hiking trails around Rovaniemi and explore the forests and marshes of Lapland nature. If you are lucky, you may even see some emblematic animals such as reindeer, or Siberian jays that come to peck in your hands.

Duration: 3 hours

Season: from May to October

Prices: from 69€/adult

Included: transportation, guide


This activity is available for children from 8 years old.

Forest walk with berry picking and cooking

The Lappish Forests are full of wild berries, what could be better than enjoying a peaceful time in the nature, picking berries and cooking what we harvested when we return at the office? Several recipes are possible: the famous Finnish blueberry pie, jams, cakes,…

Duration: about 4 hours


  • Wild blueberry: from mid-July to September
  • Cloudberriy: July
  • Ligonberry : August-September

Prices: from 80€/adult

Included: transportation, guide, necessary equipment


This activity is available for children from 8 years old.

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