Arctic Attitude was born from a story that brought the traveler that I am to the Arctic Circle and more specifically to Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland.

After travelling to several countries for fun and adventure, I decided to take another step in 2012 by moving abroad but for work this time. So I found myself for about 5 years discovering Finland from north and south and from east to west. Among the different destinations in Finland, Lapland is really the one that has been my favorite. This is the olace where I have had the chance to spend most of my time in the past years and where I met Sanna, originally from Lapland and with whom I have shared my life ever since.
Over time, I have been able to appreciate the many qualities of this region, both in terms of nature and climate, but also in terms of the culture and personality of the people who live there. So we decided to build something here in Finnish Lapland and today offer solo travellers and families to share our many experiences with people who are interested in this really special part of Europe. north.
Excursions, nature, local gastronomy or anecdotes of local life on the Arctic Circle, I offer you to experience and learn many things during an amazing trip to Finnish Lapland.

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