Traveling to LaplanD 2023-2024

Lapland is a magnificent region, which allows its travellers to reconnect with nature and to recharge their own batteries. It is therefore essential to live this experience in a simple, friendly atmosphere and in a small committee. This is why we chose, at Arctic Attitude, private tours, where communication and exchange are at the heart of each adventure. Unlike large groups, each excursion will be adapted according to each person’s abilities and expectations. If you are looking for private activities in Rovaniemi, here is our catalogue of the best experiences to enjoy.

All our safaris in video

Private activities in Rovaniemi

All activities are adaptable for children. Whether it’s snowmobiling, ice fishing or northern light hunting, kids can take part in every adventure too.

Unlike what many people think, not all activities are outdoors. For example, participating in a lappish workshop with locals is a unique experience. This family activity, thought and designed for children, will make them discover the Lapland fauna and flora thanks to a private with Finns.

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