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Private aurora tour

Arctic Attitude offers private aurora tour in Rovaniemi. Choose among our different options (snowmobile, skis or minibuse are available).

If you come to Rovaniemi, you probably hope to see the Northern lights. For that, we offer private aurora tours: your guide will take you away from the city and its sources of light pollution to observe the Aurora Borealis.

Our night-time activities will allow you to make the most of Lapland nature and perhaps observe the magnificent Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

Our differents private aurora tours

At Arctic Attitude, you will find different kind of Northern Light hunts in the Rovaniemi region. Spend a memorable evening with your guide who will take you to the best places, far from the city-light pollution. To get to the best wilderness spots to observe the aurora borealis, we offer 3 different possibilities :

  • Minibus
  • Snowmobile
  • Snowshoeing

Private aurora tour by minibus

Going on a Northern Lights hunt by minibus is the most comfortable option for families with children or people who do not wish to participate in physical activity while hunting the Northern Lights. All our tours are adaptable to your family needs, in order for you to spend a unique and serene time.


• After picking you up at your accommodation and giving you equipment, we will leave away from the city, in remotes places ideal to observe the northern lights. Depending on the predictions and the weather conditions, we will decide where to go to maximize our chances of observing this phenomenon,

• On site, your guide will light a fire to keep you warm and share a friendly moment while waiting for the auroras to appear,

• During this tour, you will have the opportunity to learn what is behind the Northern Lights: your guide will share with you his knowledge for you to learn, understand and hopefully watch the northern lights dancing in the sky.

Season: from September to mid-April

Duration: between 3 and 4 hours depending on the weather conditions

Included: transportation, guide, necessary equipment, snacks and hot drinks.

Prices: from 590 € (private)

-This program is accessible from 3 years old.

Private aurora tour by snowmobile

Far from the crowds in the middle of incredible lappish landscapes, hunting for the northern lights by snowmobile will allow you to access isolated places that are ideal for observing the northern lights.


• Transportation from your accommodation to our agency

• Change of outfit if necessary: loan of extreme cold suits and shoes (included),

• Snowmobile driving instructions and safety rules,

• Driving snowmobiles in the forest as well as on frozen lakes and rivers depending on the time and the circuit taken,

• During the various breaks made throughout the excursion, you will have the opportunity to learn what is at the origin of the Northern Lights, and your guide will share with you all his knowledge to allow you to learn, understand and perhaps to observe this incredible phenomenon visible only in the polar regions.

Season: from the end of November to mid-April

Duration: 3 hours

Included: transportation, guide, necessary equipments and hot drinks.

Prices: from 170€/adult

-This program is accessible from 10 years old.

Private aurora tour by snowshoeing & skiing

Why not go on a night hike in the middle of nature to try to observe the northern lights? Go on an adventure by putting on your snowshoes or backcountry skis (you can choose) to enjoy an extraordinary evening.


• Transportation to the starting point of the hike,

• Instructions for using the equipment,

• Depending on the circuit taken, we will hike through different types of terrain: snowy forests (taiga), but also on hills or open spaces to have a clear view on the night sky.

• After the first part of the hike, we will take a break to share hot drinks and snacks.

• We will then go back down to our starting point by another path.

Season: from the end of November to mid-April

Duration: between 3h30 and 4 hours.

Included: transportation, guide, necessary equipment, snacks and hot drinks.

Prices: from 590€/group


  • It is not necessary to have a previous similar experience to book this snowshoeing or backcountry skiing tour. lt is however recommended to be in a good physical condition.
  • This program is accessible from 13 years old.

Are we sure to see the auroras when booking a northern light hunt ?

Although everyone hopes to be able to observe the Northern Lights, it is however impossible to guarantee anyone that they will be able to observe this phenomenon during their stay in Lapland.

Important note: we are the only agency in Rovaniemi to offer several optional slots during your stay, to maximize your chances for Northern Lights hunting. We will choose the best night of these options offered to you, in terms of weather conditions, in order to optimize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. If, unfortunately, the sky is cloudy each evening, the excursion will take place on the last option date.


Since solar activity (solar flares) does not depend on the season, the Northern Lights occur year-round. However, they are obviously more visible at night than during the daytime. For this reason, the first northern lights are generally visible in Rovaniemi from September when the last aurora of the season will be visible around mid-April. We recommend two periods to maximize your chance of observing the Northern Lights: Around September/october and from January till end of March.


Read more about auroras and chances to see them in this article.

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