In addition to welcoming many families every winter, our small team of guides now welcomes you during the summer time. We will take you to discover Lapland in summer through various unusual and exciting summer activities in Rovaniemi.

You will find below our summer tours with, among others, horseback riding, boat fishing, hiking but also unusual excursions such as the floating sauna (sauna boat) and cruises under the midnight sun.

All our summer activities in Rovaniemi

A unique experience

Discover the calm and beauty of Lapland in summer under its midnight sun and its infinite nature.

It is true that Lapland is rightly very famous for its winter landscapes and its unique activities such as dog sledding, snowmobile rides and of course, the northern lights. But this region of northern Finland is also amazing in summer. Nature is everywhere, giving you the opportunity to explore wide open spaces, to see wild animals, to recharge your batteries and to breathe one of the purest airs in the world.

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