Winter excursion

Ice fishing in Rovaniemi

Come with us to try ice fishing in Rovaniemi. Drill your own hole through the ice and try to get the biggest catch!

Finnish Lapland is an unique destination offering plenty of amazing experiences. Among those you should definitly try, there is the Ice fishing in Rovaniemi (Pilkkiminen in Finnish). Indeed, it is one of the most popular activity during winter in Lapland! Finns truly love it and that is why you should definetly try it!

About ice fishing in Rovaniemi

In Rovaniemi, ice fishing period generally run from early November to the end of April. Ice fishing is practiced on the frozen river or lake ice. Once the ice is thick enough, holes are drilled in it with the use of an ice drill (jääkaira in Finnish). It is through these holes in the ice that we try to catch fishes. Ice fishing is a unique experience to try during your stay in Lapland.

Our private experiences

At Arctic Attitude, we offer different types of ice fishing experiences according to your desires but also according to the age of the participants. Indeed, although one of our most popular programs is the ice fishing by snowmobile, we also offer a more suitable program for families with young children. During those family programs, your guide will take you by minibus to one of our best fishing spots on a frozen lake. Therefore, children and parents will stay warm during transportation to and from that fishing spot.

  • Minibus
  • Snowmobile

Ice fishing by minibus

We created this ice fishing program for families. During this privatized excursion, your guide will take you by minibus to one of our best fishing spots that is easily accessible by car.

Unlike the ice fishing by snowmobile tour, where participants will be outside during the driving time (by snowmobile) as well as the fishing time, the ice fishing by minibus program allows you to be warm during the transportation and outdoors only during the fishing experience.

A program combining typical experience, conviviality and discussion with your guide

We will take you to a frozen lake where you will drill through the ice with the ice drill and practice ice fishing. On site, you will learn the fishing techniques used on the ice, then your guide will light a fire and share hot drinks and some local snacks. This program is the perfect opportunity to talk with your guide and thus learn more about the daily life and anecdotes of local life at the Arctic Circle.

Duration: 3h30

Season: from Novembre to the end of April

Prices of ice fishing experience : from 125€/adult (private)


  • You do not need to have previous experience with fishing.
  • This activity is accessible from 3 years old.

Ice fishing by snowmobile

Ice fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in Finnish Lapland. On our ice fishing by snowmobile program, we will take you to a frozen lake where you will drill through the ice and practice ice fishing. This is an unique experience to enjoy with friends or family while visiting Rovaniemi. The feeling of being alone in the middle of a frozen lake, surrunded by amazing landscapes is very special.

We offer two different kind of programs to choose from to discover ice fishing, this activity so popular among Finns.

The first program is a quick introduction to ice fishing. This short format will allow you to quickly try your hand at ice fishing during your snowmobile excursion.

The second ice fishing and ice picnic program is longer than the first one. It is the ideal option for people wishing to take the time to practice fishing and have a good time on a frozen lake where your guide will prepare a small snack around the fire, which will also allow you to relax, warm up and learn more about the daily life at the Arctic Circle.

Duration: 2h30 for the short program and 4h for long one.

Season: from mid-November to mid-April

Price of ice fishing by snowmobile: from 180€/adult


  • You must have a valid driving license to drive snowmobiles in Finland. You do not need to have previous experience with motorvehicle such as motorcycles, ATVs or jet skis.
  • You do not need to have a previous experience with fishing either.
  • This activity is accessible to children:
    • from 5 years old for the short program.
    • from 7 years old for the longer program.

However, if you more interested in snowmobile experiences than ice fishing in Rovaniemi, you’ll find our 100% snowmobiling tours on this webpage. We offer 2 to 4 hours snowmobile safaris as well as snowmobile expeditions (from 1 to 3 days). Those multi-days snowmobiling programs are recommended for people with previous experience.

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