Best time to visit Lapland

This short quiz will help you to identify the best period to visit Lapland according to your expectations and interests.

1 – Do you think cold weather is a problem? Choose at which temperature you believe you will be too cold to do outside activities.

2 – Polar night can be difficult to endure. Only 2h of daylight is for you :

3 – Northern lights are one of the most beautiful phenomenon in Lapland. Which place do they have on your "must do" vacation list?

4 – Holidays are a great moment to enjoy and relax. But what are you thinking about the mass of tourists gathering at the main sights and activities?

5 – All budgets are different from one another. How is your budget influenced by the price of accommodations and activities?

6 -Would you like to visit an ice hotel or ice bar?
7- Could you be interested in a multi-day snowmobile program?
8- Will you travel with children?
9 - Do you have to take your vacation during school holidays?

10-  If you could participate to only one activity which one would it be?

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