Winter excursion

Private meeting with Santa Claus

Your trip in Finland will obviously be unforgettable, but what about a private meeting with Santa Claus? It could give even more magical dimension to your journey in Lapland. There is a secret forest, close to Rovaniemi, where the elves will share with you some Christmas secrets. Santa will answer all the questions you children may have, and spend a fascinating moment with them.

Santa Claus and his toy factory

In this secret forest, Santa’s secrets are well kept by the elves. Discover the great and official Santa’s toy factory, visit the elves’ production workshops and learn all the mechanisms behind the magical Christmas night!
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Hockey sur glace Rovaniemi

Ice hockey in Rovaniemi

Local team: Rovaniemen Kiekko Website: List of coming matches: « Ottelut ja tilastot » tab on the website Price of ice hokey tickets in Rovaniemi Adults: 14 €

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