Ice fishing experience

You want to try some ice fishing on frozen rivers or lakes of Lapland? Here is the best way to experience it.
To get to the fishing spot, you will be driving a snowmobile: small children will sit in a sleigh pulled by a snowmobile driven by the guide). During the first part of that private program, we will be driving the snowmobiles into snowy forests. We will of course take the time to enjoy this adventure and stop on the way to take photos.

On the fishing site, you will have the opportunity to drill some holes in the ice layer to fish through them. You will also learn techniques specific to ice fishing.
During the ice fishing excursion, we will also light a campfire, share typical snacks and hot drinks.

ice fishing rovaniemi

Book your private ice fishing excursion by snowmobile

  • Duration: 4 hours including 30 minutes of preparation and instructions
  • Included: transportation from and back to your accommodation to the starting point of the ride; warm clothing; hot drinks and snacks

In order to guarantee more fun, you will not be part of a big group, those snowmobile excursions are always private!