Summer excursion

Sauna boat in Rovaniemi

The best local experience in Lapland.

Come with us for an extraordinary experience: crusing aboard a sauna boat, and swimming in the Ounasjoki river. This is one of the many summer activities to try during your stay in Lapland.

What is a sauna Boat?

While during the winter months it is possible to experience the traditionnal sauna and ice swimming, the practice is nevertheless a bit different during the summer months.

Indeed, during the long summer days, it is not uncommon to see big wooden structures floating and cruising along the river. The idea is to spend a few hours of total relaxation on a typical sauna boat. In addition, we will navigate to a suitable place for swimming. Finally, you will have some time on the terrace of the floating sauna to enjoy a barbecue and refreshments.

The sauna boat has a traditional wooden sauna. On there, you will also find a changing room, toilets, a ladder to descend into the water, a barbecue and a picnic table.

The benefits of sauna boat experience

The sauna boat will allow you to experience a Finnish cultural tradition while gazing at the magnificent landscapes of Lapland. In addition, this experience will be a real resting and well-being moment where you will fully enjoy the benefits of the sauna.

Depending on the season and the hour of the tour, you will witness the magical midnight Sun, the bright colors of the fall, or the incredibles Northern lights.

Duration: 3h30

Season: From June to September

Price: from 150€/adult

Included: Private transport, guiding, towels, drinks and snacks.


  • You do not need to know how to swim,
  • Remember to bring your swimsuit,
  • This program is accessible from 8 years old.

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Where to stay in Rovaniemi?

In Rovaniemi, there are several accommodation possibilities (hotels, cottages, apartments…): it is quite easy to get lost, even more when we are far away! Whatever

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