Our winter safaris

Arctic Attitude is offering different kinds of winter safaris suitable for families with children. You are welcome to check our videos from previous seasons to help you choose the right outdoor activity.

If you are looking for unique experiences in Lapland with professional guides, Arctic Attitude is what you need!
All our guides have been living in Lapland since a few years, and have good experience guiding in winter. Adapting our tours to your needs, possibilities, and children is really important to us.

Lapland is an incredible region, where you will reconnect with nature and decompress. We made the choice of private tours because we believe in the importance of the small committee: during our tours, we take the time to meet our customers, dialogue with them and pass our knowledge about Lapland. Unlike most companies here in Rovaniemi, every tour is adapted depending on your physical capabilities and your expectations.

Here are all the tours we can offer you during wintertime:


Are our tours in Lapland made for kids?

All the activities can be adapted for children: snowmobiling, ice fishing, northern lights hunting… They will take part in all adventures.
We also have a lapish workshop, a great indoor and family activity. This workshop, thought and made for kids, will make them discover lapish fauna and flora at this private 3 hours tour.

What about ”private tours”?

Well, ”private tours” means that your group will be completely alone with you guide. There are two differents type of tours:

    • Tours 100% organized by us

    • Tours guided by us, but held by partners

For example, we organize the Northern lights tours: it means we will drive you to the aurora spot, make a fire and eat… We will stay together, and see nobody else!
Unlike the husky or reindeer tours: they involve a farm. It means that your Arctic Attitude guide will drive you to the farm, and stay with you to translate if needed, but other people can be on the tour with you (the mushers/owners of the farms, the guides working in the farm, other tourists…).