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Where to stay in Rovaniemi?

In Rovaniemi, there are several accommodation possibilities (hotels, cottages, apartments…): it is quite easy to get lost, even more when we are far away! Whatever the type of accommodation you will choose, they all have benefits and disadvantages: it depends on what you are looking for. We untangled everything for you, listing the types of accommodation where to stay in Rovaniemi ! They are organized as following:

1. Hotels in the city center of Rovaniemi: all facilities 10 min walking around


  • Thanks to their location, you will have an easy access to all the facilities (supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, museums…): everything is nearby,
  • Same for the activities you will attend: most part of the excursion agencies are in the city center,
  • If you are interested in visiting Santa Claus Village, the Santa Express (bus) passes by the city center of Rovaniemi.


  • If  you are willing to find an accommodation far away from the city center, in the calmness of the Lapish forests, these hotels are definitely not the best option for you!

2. Cottages where to stay in rovaniemi to see northern lights


  • These independent cottages are apart from the city: the goal is to be alone in the middle of great forests, far away from the movements of the city. These cottages offer great landscapes,
  • Depending on their location, their distance with the city is an advantage, even more  to try to see the northern lights (the lights of the city center are light pollution, so unfavorable to see the auroras).


  • You are independent for the meals, at the contrary to the hotels,
  • You need a car (or calling for a taxi service).

3. Airbnb apartments where to stay in Rovaniemi


  • All types of private accommodation exist (all the budgets, all the sizes, far or not from the city center of Rovaniemi),
  • Restaurants in Rovaniemi are quite expensive: with a private apartment, you could save meals thanks to the independence,
  • You have a full private apartment,
  • Most part of the time, they offer private apartments.
  • There is many apartments with their own sauna.


  • Prices change a lot depending on the season (very high prices during christmas time)
  • Most of the time, you’ll need to have a car to get there.

4. Accomodation at Santa Claus Village


  • These hotels do not offer traditional rooms in buildings, but small individual cottages (they might have private sauna),
  • Some cottages have glass-made-roofs, to try to see the northern lights from your bed.


  • You will be far from the city center: even if most part of the agencies offer excursions with pick-up and drop-off from and to your accommodation, you will not have access to any facilities (supermarkets, restaurants…), nor to the city center,
  • A lot of visitors are fascinated with the magical aspect of the village: on the contrary, some are running away from the village, considering it too touristy.

5. Our top 3 accomodation around Rovaniemi

One more time, all the accommodations are unique, and have some advantages and disadvantages: whatever you are looking for, you will find what you need!

#3 : Apukka Resort : for the glass igloos!

where to stay in Rovaniemi

Advantages: Apukka Resort offers different types of rooms, including glass igloos: with good conditions and luck, you might have the opportunity to see the northern lights dancing above your head directly from your bed. Finally, they offer a wide range of excursions.

Disadvantages: Apukka Resort is located 16 km far away from the city center, and 8 km from Santa Claus Village (but the resort offers transfer service if you want to move around; you can also call a taxi (€€€: around 35€ from Apukka to Santa Claus Village; around 30€ from the airport to the city center of Rovaniemi).

#2 : Sky Hotel : for the view!

where to stay in rovaniemi

Advantages: Located on the Ounasvaara hill, the Sky Hotel is on the heights of the city, and offers a great view over Rovaniemi and its surroundings. Its restaurant is known for the quality and its chef (Michelin star chef). Promenade paths through the forest are passing by the hotel, to discover the surrounding walking.

Disadvantages: The location: you need a car or a taxi service if you want to reach the city center (5 km)

#1 : The log cabin in Lapland by the river 

accomodation Rovaniemi

Advantages: A cute wooden cottage (private and unique, not a field of cottages as in Santa Claus Village), with a big glass window to enjoy the great view: nature is yours from dawn to dusk, in a quiet landscape. It is a great way to be far from the city center and its pollutants, only 10 min by car from Rovaniemi.

Disadvantages: A car is necessary, or a taxi service (€€€), even if most of the tourism agencies organizing the activities include a pick-up and drop-off service.

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