Private aurora tour in Rovaniemi

If you come to Rovaniemi, you probably hope to see the Northern lights. We offer you the possibility to have a private aurora tour: your guide will take you away from the city and its sources of light pollution to observe the aurora Borealis.

Different options for aurora hunting tour

To get to the best wilderness spots, you have two different possibilities:

  • By snowmobile
  • By minivan, with a lappish sauna tour

Aurora tour by snowmobile in Rovaniemi

If you choose the snowmobile hunting northern lights tour, you will experience the driving of snowmobiles through snowy forest as well as on frozen lakes. Since this northern light program is private, there will be nobody else with you but your guide. Therefore, you will truly have the opportunity to exchange with your guide to learn and understand this incredible phenomenon visible only in the polar regions.

private aurora tour rovaniemi
Private aurora tour Rovaniemi

As the aurora activity can’t be predicted more than a few days in advance, it will be possible for you to reschedule your excursions from one day to another to maximize your chance to see the Northern Lights. However, since forecasting natural phenomenon is not an exact science, seeing the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed.

  • private aurora hunting rovaniemi
  • Private aurora hunting by snowmobile
  • Private snowmobile safari Rovaniemi

Details of private aurora tour by snowmobile in Rovaniemi

Private aurora safari in Rovaniemi: no group, you will be alone with your guide

Program details

  • Pick up at your hotel and transport to the starting point
  • Change of clothes (winter clothing, insulated boots, gloves and helmets are provided)
  • Instructions to snowmobile driving and safety rules
  • Snowmobile driving in forests, lakes and open snow fields depending on the circuit and the season
  • During this excursion, we will have breaks at different spots (all ideal for northern lights watching)
  • You will have the opportunity to learn what is causing the Northern lights and your guide will share with you all his knowledge to allow you to learn, understand and perhaps observe this incredible phenomenon visible only in the polar regions
  • Return to Rovaniemi and drop off at your accommodation

Duration: about 3 hours, including 30 minutes of preparation and instructions

Included: transportation, guide, equipment, and hot drinks

Starting time: between 7pm and 9pm depending on the weather forecast and aurora activity

Private aurora tour and sauna by minivan in Rovaniemi

As the traditional Finnish sauna place is a perfect aurora spot, you will walk on the lake to try to see them.
There is no such typical and memorable activity as the traditional Finnish sauna! This tour is 100% local: we will drive you to one of the most famous lakes of Rovaniemi, where you will spend the evening relaxing in a Finnish wood fire sauna. You will have the opportunity to bath in the waters of a frozen lake, and enjoy a local snack.

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