randonner à Rovaniemi

Hiking near Rovaniemi and around Lapland is a must do. Here is some recommendations about best hikes in Rovaniemi.

Best things to do in Rovaniemi in summer

Horese riding rovaneimi

Lapland, this mystical and enchanting region located beyond the Arctic Circle, is often associated with snowy winter landscapes, Northern Lights and winter activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling. However, Lapland and its capital Rovaniemi also offers a unique and captivating summer experience for travelers seeking adventure and discovery. So, what are the best things […]

Where to stay in Rovaniemi?

voyage en laponie

In Rovaniemi, there are several accommodation possibilities (hotels, cottages, apartments…): it is quite easy to get lost, even more when we are far away! Whatever the type of accommodation you will choose, they all have benefits and disadvantages: it depends on what you are looking for. We untangled everything for you, listing the types of […]

Ice hockey in Rovaniemi

Hockey sur glace Rovaniemi

Local team: Rovaniemen Kiekko Website: List of coming matches: « Ottelut ja tilastot » tab on the website Price of ice hokey tickets in Rovaniemi Adults: 14 € in advance / 16 € from the door Children 7-15 years: 5 € both in advance and at the doorLess than 7 years free of charge without a seat ticketFamily ticket […]

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